Movies About Vampires

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Due to the fantasy that Twilight made about vampires, a lot of people are enjoying to watch movies related with them. Of course, majority still involves werewolves, but, the movies portray these blood-sucking creatures different from one another. Here are some of the best movies that involves vampires.

Blood-Sucking Movies
Van Helsing – nope, vampires are not the heroes this time. They are being hunted by Van Helsing because they have been killing off too many people and scaring them off. He is off to kill Dracula, the one who made all of them and continues to breed more for his army.
Underworld – the series of movies about this film revolves around the dispute between vampires and werewolves plus the hybrids, who are considered stronger. There are also conflicts within their races that they need to settle or it will eat them up before the enemy can.

Twilight – of course, vampires here are the most decent since they portray immortal people who glows under the sun. Together with Edward and Bella, they set out on a journey of forbidden love and strive to fight for it despite having too many obstacles on the road such as Volturi, newborn Vampires, and even the aging of Bella.